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  • The Family data of the Members called for may be forwarded to the Club urgently so as to enable us to publish our new Directory. If the photos of any one is not made available, the space will be left blank. Complaints cannot be entertained once it is finalised. Please note    
  • Welcome to winner club..... We are the best family club in Thrissur District .    
  • Members are requested to check your Profile in this site and report errors, if any, by Email to kuriyakkose53@gmail.com or by whatsapp to 9446314994. If your photo is missing in this site, forward immediately.    
  • All the professional Group leaders are requested to convene the Group meeting during this month itself and chalk out Plans and Programmes of their group.    

About Us


Winner, a family club with 20 years of Standing Saga

Winner , a family club with 20 years of standing saga and a six hundred members of energetic young and bold old alike, stands as a gateway to the famous pilgrim centre Guruvayoor.

Giving a welcome hand to the pilgrims at the eastern border , WINNER has its own club house, Auditorium, Library, A/C and Non A/C Luxuary rooms, Children’s Play area and a pleasant peaceful outspread of one acre compound with indoor and outdoor games courts in Kandanisseri, just away from the bustle and hubbub of the Temple – Town, WINNER gives safety, security and quietude with in a reach of 3 KM to the Shrine of Lord Krishna.

Upkeeping traditions, promoting culture and offering assistance to the needy with an attempt at social upbringing, WINNER stand for human solidarity. The inner of the WINNER is deep and broad to contain anything of the sort. Greatness is gained though good association, character can be formed thru’ creativity. WINNER is one that has won with this simple dictum.


The club is situated in the holy temple town of Guruvayoor providing a refreshing ambience immersed deep in the golden silence of the most exotic area, thereby drawing the profound attention of the people with its implementation of various social welfare programmes. The dwellers of temple town have been yearning for such a calm and serene venue where they can relax and meet together for entertainments and other cultural activities. To be in brief, the establishment of the club is the materialization of a long-cherished dream of the locality.


The rapturous recollections of the elegant legacy of the birth and growth of this social & cultural institution unfurl the toil and integrity involved in the creation and sustenance of a splendid and vibrant idea of multi-dimensional innovative initiatives.

Our primary objective is to create and maintain a more alluring and friendly ambience for the members of the club and their families to boost up their artistic and cultural talents with an exquisite spirit of elation and harmony. We are labouring hard to nurture the unbridled potentials of the members and their families to develop and establish healthy relationships with the society setting up a common platform to exchange glittering messages of fellowship. We have a plan to launch a novel venture of installing a full-fledged Library in the nearest future to highlight the importance of Book-reading.


We are thoroughly conscious of the fact that our commitment to society will be genuine and meaningful only with the dimension of proper social care. We have implemented scores of social welfare schemes and medical Camps such as Cataract Eradication Camp, Kidney Camp, Camp for Cardiac disorders, to make the people aware of the importance of blood donation, Cadaver transplant etc. thus motivating them to share the woes and anxieties of their fellowmen. We are out and out committed to take up the responsibility of encouraging the students who could prove their exceptional mettle in the spheres of sports, Arts and Culture, granting them scholarships and other financial aids to continue their studies as well as to groom their creative activities. Definitely as a major break through in the zone of social service, we are vigilantly active in the field of Paliative Care alleviating the suffering and pain and providing solace to the bed-ridden. We also provide financial aid and all other supports to the needy.

Igniting the dormant passion of humanism in the society and rejuvenating the sublime spirit of fellowship, our saga of multifaceted achievements go on marching forward finding new pace and momentum.


  • Our Club is a registered institution under the Scientific, Literary and Charitable Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860 vide Regn No:946/99
  • The Club has a FL4A license under the Abkari Act vide FL4A No.TSR-5/10-11 and is running Permit Room for the celebrations and enjoyments of the Club Members,
    since 2010.
  • We have registration with Commercial Tax Dept as per TIN-32081285496
  • We are also having Luxury Tax registration as per No.2523/KTL/0640
  • We have registration with few more Governmental or Social organizations such as Sports Council, Sangeetha Natadaka Accademy, Nehru Yuvak Kendra, Lalithakala Accademy, etc

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